3D Tiles

3D Tiles is an open format for streaming 3D GIS data. BIM.works can export any set of BIM models as 3D Tiles.

Multiple levels of detail

Levels of detail are useful for optimally loading and rendering of data. They allow you to do city-scale rendering but to also go down to the (BIM) details in the same viewer.

Included with...
  • LOD1: 2D footprint
  • LOD2: Extruded 2D footprint
  • LOD3:
  • LOD4: High detail building exterior
  • LOD5: Only spaces
  • LOD6: Full model


When new BIM models are uploaded to BIM.works, they instantly become part of the TileSet, no need to run pipelines.

Semantic data

Any IFC attribute, property, quantity, classification, layer etc... can be included in the 3D Tiles metadata.

High compression

3D Tiles uses glTF for geometry. BIM.works compresses the glTF assets.

Easy Customization

Dynamically develop ubiquitous opportunities whereas relationships.


Below the open source CesiumJS viewer is used to load 3D Tile data from BIM.works directly.