.Net SDK

  • Typed API
  • Multi user, multi threaded
  • Dogfooded by BIM Base
  • Documentation in IDE
const Uri address = new Uri("https://bim.works");
using (BimWorksClientFactory factory = new BimWorksClientFactory(address))
    using (BimWorksClient client = factory.CreateClientWithApiToken(token))
        GUID uuid = client.Fs.GetRootNode().Uuid;
        AsyncUploadTask uploadTask = client.Upload.UploadModel(uuid, "Model.ifc");
        UploadResponse uploadResponse = uploadTask.GetUploadResponse();

        client.Bim.Query2(uploadResponse.treeNode.GetLastVersion().Uuid, "GET attribute.Name, attribute.GlobalId WHERE calculated.property.floorArea > 8m2");
BIM.works Documentation


All sdks have extensive documentation, click below to go to the documentation for the .Net SDK