JavaScript SDK

  • TypeScript definitions
  • Multi user, multi threaded
  • Dogfooded by BIM Base
  • Documentation in IDE

const address = "";
const factory = new BimWorksClientFactory(address);
const client = await factory.createClientWithApiToken("fckR7c1xn");
const versionUuid = "1515";
const query = {
  features: ["type", "fields.Name", "properties.Pset_WallCommon.IsExternal"]
const results = client.bim.query([versionUuid], query);

Other Features


Available as a set of NPM packages.

"dependencies": {
  "@bimworks/jssdk": "1.3.0",

Browser and NodeJS

Works on any (mobile) browser and on NodeJS. Documentation


All sdks have extensive documentation, click below to go to the documentation for the JavaScript/TS SDK