In a "Version" refers to a specific version of a Model.



bim_context: string
created_by: string

By whom this Version was created. This will normally contain the full username (email address) of the user that created the Version

created_on: Date

When this particular Version was created, unmodifiable

deleted_status: NodeVersionDeletedStatus
discipline: Discipline
geo_reference: GeoReference
im_metadata: unknown
indexedmodel_uuid: string
input_file_type: InputFileType
metadata: unknown
model_uuid: string
node_name: string

The name of the Node this Version belongs to, denormalized

node_uuid: string

Unique ID of the Node this version belongs to. A Node can have multiple Version

The status of this Version

unique_model_uuid: string
uuid: string

Unique ID of the Version. Also commonly called "versionUuid" or Vid

version: number

The integer version number of thie Version. Usually these are incrementing with each new Version on a Node, starting at one