ViewFitOptions: {
    animate?: boolean;
    animationTimeMs?: number;
    margin?: number;
    target?: vec3;
    updatePivot?: boolean;
    viewDirection?: vec3;

Type declaration

  • Optional animate?: boolean

    Whether to animate, when omitted this will default to what has been defined on the Viewer

  • Optional animationTimeMs?: number

    The total animation time in milliseconds, only effective when animate is set to true

  • Optional margin?: number

    An optional margin (in percentage of total viewer size) to use as a buffer round the selected models.

  • Optional target?: vec3

    Optional target in 3D

  • Optional updatePivot?: boolean

    Whether the pivot should be updated to the center of the aabb of the given objects

  • Optional viewDirection?: vec3

    Optional view direction in 3D