Governments and Enterprises

Store all your BIM models in the Repository and allow all business processes to take advantage.

  • Highly secure
  • ETL
  • Open BIM Open GIS
  • Reporting for Governments and Enterprises

Example Process

Fireescape door width model check

All fireescape doors should be at least 1200mm wide, complying doors colored green.

  • Step 1

    Upload models

    Citizens and building companies submit IFC models in your portal. The models are internally forwarded to the Repository and processed. Any basic validation issues will come right up. Do you have your BIM requirements setup in an IDS, will check them.

  • Step 2


    The Components can be used to integrate 2D and 3D viewing capabilites in your portal, allowing both applicants and government workers to inspect the models, both visually and semantically.

  • Step 3

    Building model checks

    Models can be checked for multiple use cases, for example building permits. Results of model checks can be visualized in the viewer, but also converted to BCF, PDF and other formats for a roundtrip back to the applicant.

  • Step 4

    Digital Twin

    Since all the (high detail) models are now already stored in, many other processes in your organization can utilize them. One use case can be to export the models to your Digital Twin. can generate different LOD for your models for efficient loading. More about export

Deployment Options

Is you application running in the cloud, then you can seamlessly connect it with Cloud. Is your software deployed on (your client's) premises, deploy alongside. - Cloud Cloud is deployed in multiple regions. You don't have to bother with setup and maintainance.

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Is using Cloud no option for your organization? Use our On Premises version.

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