BIM Repository

Reliably store all your (open) BIM models and make them available to your application or organization. The main features of the BIM Repository are:

  • Extensive API
  • BIM Query Language
  • Export to other formats
  • Run model checks
  • Prepare visualization

Explore all possibilities of the Repository on the rest of this page. Repository

Data management

The BIM repository can store all your IFC models


Store multiple revisions of a model, older models are always available.

API Repository has an API with more than 300 calls.

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Admin / Developer UI

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Interactive Documentation

The UI also provides interactive documentation, where you can see the code and it's effect in the browser.

Geo Location can extract geo location from any IFC file using different methods. For models with no geo location or an incorrect geo location, provides the possibility to override the geo location.

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Validation will validate any IFC model on multiple levels: Encoding, STEP Physical File, IFC Schema

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IFC is the basis for We support Ifc2x3, Ifc4 and Ifc4x3

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BIM Queries

Query models with our query language and export the data to JSON, CSV or Excel. You can also quickly visualize the results of queries in the 2D and 3D viewer components (link). Results of queries can also be downloaded as IFC or glTF.

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Export provides many methods of exporting your models to other (open) formats.


You can always download the original IFC file. One of the advantages of OpenBIM is that you are never locked-in! In addition to that can export the results of BIM Queries to IFC as well.

3D Tiles

Do you want to populate your Digital Twin with high fidelity models automatically generated from your IFC models? Easily share your BIM models as a 3D Tileset. Load any set of models in CesiumJS, Unity or Unreal Engine.

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CityGML / CityJSON

Do you want to populate your open GIS system with high quality models automatically generated from your IFC models? Export your models to CityGML (2) with


Export to glTF, the open standard for 3D asset transfer on the web.

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2D SVG (scalable vector graphics) can be exported from your BIM models.


Generate PDF files from your BIM models with vector graphics.


Results of Queries can be returned in many formats, allowing any data that is stored in to be extracted to other databases (ETL).

Integration is typically deployed in complex environments, so integration is key.

buildingSMART Documents API


Model Checking

Different types of model checking are provided. Model checks are highly configurable to allow for context-specific rules.


BIM Base was involved in the development of the buildingSMART IDS standard. implements version 0.9.

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Clash Detection

Check for clashes in multiple models, you decide which objects should be tested by providing the Queries.

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The results of all model checks can be exported to BCF. Unlike most other solutions will also include the raster images for the viewpoints.

Deployment Options

Migrating your data between cloud and on premises is possible, so you can always change your mind - Cloud Cloud is deployed in multiple regions. You don't have to bother with setup and maintainance.

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Is using Cloud no option for your organization? Use our On Premises version.

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